Q. What is the "keynote" I’m hearing about?

A. The keynote is our opening session for the weekend where the keynote speaker – Steve Scheibner in 2018 – will help us re-direct our focus and re-ignite our passion to remain faithful as we disciple the next generation. Arrive at 8:00 a.m. ready to be encouraged at this kick off to a great convention!

Q. Will the vendor hall be open during the keynote?

A. With the exception of the Used Curriculum Sale (reserved for volunteer shopping only) additional sessions and the vendor hall will open after the keynote session. (for the UCS schedule, refer to the link given in your convention registration "thank you" letter).

Q. Why do we have to use parking garages?

A. The Lancaster County Convention Center does not have its own parking lot, so we will be using the parking garages managed by the Lancaster County Parking Authority. For further information see CHAP's Directions and Parking webpage.

Q. I’m brand new. What should I expect Friday morning?

A. If you have pre-registered online you will receive your registration packet and convention bag upon entrance. After making sure the entrance wristbands match your registration, you will make sure each family member puts his or her wristband on and wears it for the duration of the weekend.

Q. What if I lose my wristband?

A. Replacement wristbands can be secured for a nominal fee at the convention. Proof of registration will be required.

Q. Does CHAP offer a "shopping-only pass"?

A. Because CHAP’s goal is to provide inspiration, encouragement, and information for homeschooling or prospective homeschooling families, CHAP does not offer “shopping-only passes”. We have speakers who present topics from pre-school to post-graduation and everything in between, so there is something for everyone who comes. Registrations help CHAP to continue providing all the resources we bring to you and the thousands of other attendees from at least 6 other states.

Q. Will CHAP be having a graduation ceremony?

A. CHAP will no longer hold a graduation ceremony. We will, however, still be awarding the Leigh A. Genasevich Memorial Scholarship to 2 seniors who are planning to further their formal education.

Q. Will there be Young Entrepreneur booths in 2018?

A. Unfortunately we are not able to offer this option for 2018. We will be reviewing ideas for a future Young Entrepreneur event.

Q. Can we bring our own food into the convention center?

A. YES! The Lancaster County Convention Center (LCCC) will allow an individual to bring his or her own lunch; however, we are not permitted to carry large coolers into the building. The LCCC will also be providing concession stands for attendees to purchase meals. Additionally, many restaurants of varying prices are located within walking distance of the convention center. 

Q. Can I bring a cart or wagon to carry my purchases or children?

A. For space and safety purposes, large pull-behind devices are prohibited. In the past, large wheeled devices have caused both injury to other attendees and have blocked vendors’ access to customers. Strollers may only be used if children are riding in them. CHAP provides a Book Check service for a nominal fee, so you can have someone else store your purchases until you are ready to pick them up later that day. Your purchases will even be delivered to you curbside!

Permitted are small wheeled crates such as:

  • Small, carry-on sized pilot bags with a retractable handle
  • Small milk crate with a retractable handle

Prohibited are:

  • Large strollers without any children in them
  • Full-sized suitcases on wheels
  • Large pull-behind wagons

Thank you for caring for one another and our valued vendors.

Q. Will CHAP offer the Book Check service again this year and how does it work?

A. CHAP is pleased to once again be able to offer Book Check service. Just bring your purchased items to Book Check (2 locations in 2018: one directly in the vendor hall and another located on the Vine St. level for your used curriculum purchases), and have your items safely stored in a marked banker’s box for you for the day. When you’re ready to leave, you go back to Book Check with your receipt, confirm that you’ve got the right box(es), and then simply bring your car up to the curb where our volunteers will deliver your boxes curbside and even put the box(es) in the car for you. The first box Friday is only $4.00, additional boxes are $2.00 and Saturday (with your receipt from Friday’s box purchase), you can get “1/2 Price, First Box”.

Q. Is there babysitting at the convention?

A. CHAP does not provide babysitting at the convention. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

Q. Will a nursing mother’s room be available?

A. CHAP loves families and is pleased to be able to provide a nursing mother's room for our new moms' convenience and our newest little homeschoolers' needs. Only very young children may accompany their mother into the Nursing Mother's Room. Please refer to the Convention Program upon arrival for location.

Q. Will CHAP have anyone I can talk to if I have questions about homeschooling?

A. Yes, CHAP is pleased to provide a one-on-one homeschooling mentor with whom you can sit down at the CHAP Booth. It is our pleasure to help you in any way we can with your homeschooling questions.

Q. Is there anyone there who will pray with me?

A. Prayer is an integral part of CHAP. Our predominantly volunteer-run organization depends on prayer for direction and provision. We’re all homeschooling families as well (with many struggles too), and we know how important prayer is in our own lives. Please find the Prayer Booth location listed in the Convention Program. A CHAP volunteer staff person will count it a blessing to be able to take time to pray with you, joining you in praise and petition as you boldly approach the throne of grace to find help (and hope) in time of need. If you would just like to drop off a prayer request in the prayer box, you may pick up an index card and write your prayer down. Someone will be praying during the whole convention for you. The convention committee also prays for your requests after the convention is over.

Q. I can’t afford the registration, but I’d like to come to the convention. Are there any scholarships?

A. Unlike most other conventions, CHAP has instituted and maintained the generous policy of providing registration rebates (provided at the Early Bird rate) for those who volunteer just a few hours out of the whole convention. Did you know that, to keep your costs down, CHAP is primarily volunteer-run? Find more information under Volunteers.

Q. Can a friend and I record concurrent sessions on our smart phone so we don't miss anything?

A. Because sessions are professionally recorded, personal audio or video recording is prohibited. Sessions are professionally recorded in order to provide you with:

  • top sound quality and
  • online availability for years to come

While you are sitting in one session listening to a favorite speaker, your phone or tablet can be downloading a previous session. If you purchase your recordings during the convention each recording costs only $3.75. Please refer to the ad in the Convention Program for Alliance Recordings. For more information or to get help downloading your sessions, stop by the recording kiosk. A friendly volunteer will be happy to assist you.

Q. Will CHAP be offering the Give-Away Card program again this year?

A. Yes, each family will receive one Give-Away Card. After you visit each listed vendor, listen to a short presentation, and have your card punched, you can drop off your filled-out card at the CHAP Booth. Saturday at 2:00 p.m. CHAP Booth staff will post the names of the winners on the Announcement Board in the vendor hall. You must be present to win and stop by the CHAP Booth to receive your prize. Please note – vendors will only punch cards for adults.

Q. Are there benefits to buying my resources at the convention?

A. Yes, there are several benefits to purchasing your resources in CHAP’s vendor hall.

  1. On-site purchases save you money since many vendors offer convention specials or discounts
  2. You get to avoid the cost of shipping and handling
  3. You give the vendors reasons to continue investing their time and resources into your convention (many travel from several states away to share their resources with you and answer your questions face to face).
Q. I have an idea/concern, or I see something that can be improved. Who can I share that with?

A. CHAP values your feedback. Please share your thoughts with us so that we may continue to bring an event to you that both honors the Lord and ministers to our families with excellence. We encourage you to fill out your post-convention evaluation, and as always, you can contact CHAP through our website.

Q. May I distribute coupons for my home business or interview willing attendees while at the convention?

A. Solicitation or distribution of materials, polling, or interviewing is prohibited at the Lancaster County Convention Center during the CHAP Homeschool Convention. Any general attendee in violation will be asked to cease and desist. If violation continues, he or she will be asked to leave.

Q. Why do I see a photographer taking pictures or video at the convention?

A. CHAP wants our future attendees and vendors to get an idea of what our convention is all about, so a professional photographer/videographer may be taking pictures. When you enter the CHAP Homeschool Convention you will be entering an area where photography, videography, and/or audio recording may occur. By entering the event premises you consent to video and/or audio recording, or photography and the release, publication, reproduction, or exhibition of the same for the purposes of print, online, or on-air advertising or any other purpose as required by CHAP, its affiliates, or representatives. You release CHAP, its officers, employees, or any representative involved from any liability connected with the taking, recording, digitizing, or publicizing of interviews, photographs, computer images, video and/or audio recordings. By entering the premises you also waive all rights you may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with any exhibition, streaming, webcasting, televising, or any other publication of these materials regardless of the purpose or sponsoring of such exhibiting, broadcasting, webcasting, or other publication irrespective of whether a fee for admission or sponsorship is charged. You also waive any right to inspect or approve any photo, video, or audio recording taken by CHAP or any CHAP-designee.