CHAP is primarily a volunteer led organization; simply put, a group of families helping families. The convention is successful because of our volunteers. God calls us all to serve in some capacity. Please be praying if part of your service would include the CHAP Convention. All volunteer positions are easy to learn and many can be completed in just a little over 3 hours. Viewing all the positions below, you're bound to find several that are a good fit for how God has uniquely equipped you!

CHAP expresses appreciation of our volunteers by providing:

  • The CHAP Volunteer Rebate System which allows you to receive a rebate of the Early Bird convention registration rate.
  • Special Early Bird Volunteer Shopping hours at the Used Curriculum Sale from 8:00 - 9:30 Friday morning.

Positions fill quickly, so register for the convention and then sign up as soon as possible in order to get your preferred job.

Browse our volunteer positions below, or check out our Volunteer FAQs for more information!

Book Check assistant

Book Check Assistant - Supervisor: Hillary LaLone
This job is suitable for Teens and Adults.

  • Assist customers in filling out forms and mark boxes with customer's information
  • Be able to lift boxes full of books (up to 50lbs) onto dolly cart and into cars
  • Watch boxes at curbside until customer arrives for pick up
  • Compare customer's tickets to the box number before releasing the boxes
Entry Pass Distributor

Entry Pass Distributor - Supervisor: Ron Barrick

Specific training will be given at the beginning of each shift.
Shifts begin 15 minutes before other shifts and overlap for training.
Your job may include:

  • Distribute wristbands and convention brochures and remind people to keep them on for both days
  • Give directions for pre registered and walk-in attendees.
  • Direct walk-ins to the computer bank for on-line registration.

What kind of activity does this job require? Standing and a warm, welcoming smile.


Floaters - Supervisor: Darra McDowell

  • Floats may be assigned to fill unexpected volunteer vacancies.
  • Floats may have several different assignments during their shift.

What a Floater needs to know or come prepared to do: Study map to know locations of bathrooms, nursing mothers room and locations of speaker's rooms to be able to give directions.
What a Floater needs to bring: A willing attitude to serve any job that we need them to fill.

Information Booth Attendant

Information Booth Attendants - Supervisor:  Phil Mitchell

Field general questions or concerns from attendees such as:

  • locations of activities and rooms in the convention center
  • reporting of "lost parents" (and temporary supervision of a lost child)
  • drop-offs for Lost and Found items
  • reporting anything of a general safety concern involving facilities, items, or people
Mentor/Convention Guide

Mentor/Convention Guide - Supervisors: Jim & Becky Fahringer

SPECIAL: Must fill out the Volunteer Information Form and be approved by CHAP before signing up for this position  
Must have 7+ years of experience in traditional homeschooling
Must be able to view and become familiar with Lancaster County Convention Center layout prior to arrival (you may, at your own expense, come Thursday to walk through the facility to better prepare for your job)

As you probably remember, the first time or two at the CHAP Convention can be overwhelming. Prayerfully be ready to assist families with a warm spirit and a friendly smile. You may be one of the first persons this attendee or family meets at the CHAP Convention. 

  • Sign in at the Volunteer booth, then report to the CHAP booth.
  • Assist attendees, answer questions, give encouragement etc.
  • Be a good listener while also engaging in conversation.

You will be sent detailed instructions closer to the convention

Post-convention Tear Down (Saturday)

Tear-Down Crew for Convention - Supervisor: Jesse Barrick

  • Take down tables, signs, registration area, collect mats, gather left over materials, etc.
  • Stack chairs.
  • Assist vendors/speakers as needed.
Prayer Booth Attendant

Prayer Booth Attendant - Supervisors:  Jim & Becky Fahringer

  • Attend the prayer booth, being available to pray for requests as they are received and pray with individuals who might stop by.
  • Pray specifically for the convention, the speakers, the vendors and the attendees.

What will be provided: a booth with chairs, a box for prayer requests, tissue box, and cards for people to write prayer and praises on.
What kind of activity does this job require? Sitting and praying; listening to those that come in to pray or praying with them.

Pre-convention Preparation Assistant

Pre-convention Preparation Crew - Supervisor: Angela Davis and Jill Panyard

  • This job will take place on Saturday, May 26 from 1 to 5 PM
  • The work location will be the CHAP office, 231 N. Chestnut St, Palmyra, PA 17078
  • This job involves working as a team to placing name labels on envelopes, placing the proper wristbands in envelopes for each pre-registered family, and alphabetizing the pre-registered attendee envelopes
  • Volunteers must be adults who are adept at alphabetizing and working with numbers.
Recording Kiosk Attendant

Recording Kiosk Attendant - Supervisor:  Jeremy Good

  • Report to Volunteer Booth 15 minutes before scheduled session and pick up volunteer ribbon.
  • Check off name to verify coverage.
  • Report to the recording booth to carry out duties which include:
  • The sales of MP3s by check, cash or credit card.
  • Have pleasant people relations and be aware of customers that they are being waited on promptly.
  • Become familiar with the speakers and topics being recorded as you will be asked about them often.
  • Specific training will be given at the beginning of each shift for special assignments.
Registration Booth Assistant

Registration Cashier Assistant - Supervisor: Ron Barrick

  • The CASHIER slots are for those folks that are comfortable with a cash register and entering payments into a laptop database.
  • The Check PAYMENT slots are for those folks that are comfortable with entering check payments into a laptop database.
  • You will receive training at the start of your shift.
Resource Bag Distributor

Resource Bag Distributor - Supervisor: Ron Barrick
This job is suitable for Teens and Adults.

  • Greet guests with a warm smile.
  • Aggressively pass out Resource Bags to every family as they enter the Convention Hall.

What will be provided: the bags filled with great resources and convention brochure
What kind of activity does this job require? Standing and a warm, welcoming smile.

Room Host/Hostess for Speaker Sessions

Host/Hostesses for Speaker sessions - Supervisor: Darra McDowell
This job is suitable for Teens and Adults!

  • Come to Volunteer Booth 15 minutes prior to scheduled session.
  • Highlight your name on the sign-in sheets and get Volunteer Ribbon.
  • Pick up a clip board with Host/Hostess Monitor Evaluation Sheets for the seminar.
  • Greet guests, asking to see their wristband or name tag. 
  • Help with seating if necessary
  • If there are problems with the room or the sound system, please send someone to the volunteer booth to report the situation or call Volunteer Coordinator
  • Complete an evaluation form for each session and turn them into the volunteer booth at the end of your shift
  • You will not need to introduce the workshop. Just keep watch on the time and use the flip chart to hold up so the speaker can see it at 15mins, 10 mins, 5mins and Stop. This allows the next speaker time to get set up.
  • If anyone asks about speaker's handouts, they are available online at www.chaponline.com under speaker handouts.
  • Please remove the speaker's water bottle after each session.
  • Please seat yourself near the back of the room so you can watch the group and so the supervisor can get to you if need be.

What Volunteer can expect: to be at all sessions during job time assignment.
What will be provided: (pick these things up at Volunteer Booth when you sign in)

  • Clipboard with evaluation sheets to be filled out by you for each session
  • a walkie-talkie to use for communicating with Supervisor for any sound or lighting problems. (unless you have a cellphone, then a number will be given you to reach the Supervisor.)

What kind of activity does this job require? Sitting and listening (some standing or walking to retrieve used water bottles & possibly seat people) Host/Hostess is welcome to, and encouraged to, bring a notebook to take personal notes of speaker sessions.


Security Assistants - Supervisor: Phil Mitchell

Report to Volunteer Booth, to sign in, check assignment, pick up volunteer ribbon and walkie-talkie. Report to Phil Mitchell at the Security & Information (S&I) Booth for training.  Your duties may include some or all of the following:

  • Watch the incoming individuals during the Convention at the Convention Hall entrances and vendor entrance doors to ensure that they have name tags and/or wrist bands.
  • Watch the Early Bird Shopping attendees on Friday morning to be sure they are eligible for this benefit.
  • Monitor entrance of speakers & vendors in limited access areas
  • Be familiar with building layout
  • Make sure proper doors remain closed.
  • Provide assistance to sound/recording crews as necessary.
  • Provide assistance to vendors with mechanical/electrical problems (by just reporting to S&I Booth).
  • Patrol building for anything that seems to be out of order or a potential problem.
  • Provide assistance when spills or rain problems occur.
  • Report problems to the supervisor immediately.

Please note: Shifts overlap 15 mins for training. Be prepared to stay 15 mins after convention closes to ensure the safety of convention as attendees leave the building.  Thank you.

Set Up

Set Up Crew - Supervisor: Jesse Barrick (Thursday only)
This job is suitable for Teens and Adults. (NOTE: This is for general convention set up)

  • Set up chairs, tables, registration area, etc.
  • Hang signs.
  • Assist vendors/speakers as needed.
Staff/Speaker/Vendor Lounge Monitor

CHAP Lounge Monitor - Supervisor: Darra McDowell

This job is covering the entrance to the lounge areas that provides a rest area for only CHAP staff (including Super Volunteers), Speakers, and Vendors. Volunteer will be monitoring the entrance to the Montgomery House, politely turning away those who are not permitted in, and collecting lunch tickets (only from Staff, Super Volunteers, and Speakers).

  • Allow entrance for red, white, purple & blue tags attached to name tags (CHAP Staff [including SV's], Speakers, and Vendors).
  • Direct Vendors (red tags) to the 1st floor and Staff/Speakers (all other colors) to the 2nd floor.
  •  Collect tickets for meals (only Staff, SV's, and Speakers will have lunch tickets)
  •  Place lunch tickets into labeled envelope and turn into the Volunteer or Speaker Booth at end of shift, DO NOT dispose of them.

 What kind of activity does this job require?  Door Monitor -mostly sitting. There are times of low traffic during this job and you may want to bring a book or knitting to fill those moments.

Unloading Volunteers (Thursday)

Unloading Volunteers  (Thursday)  -  Supervisor: 
Check in at the Volunteer booth:

  • You will wear an identifying vest pick up at Volunteer Booth
  • You will be helping at dock while vendors unload their vehicle
  • You will help vendors unload their supplies as they have need 
  • May need to lift things, pull carts, push loads of supplies to vendor booths
  • Be respectful and welcoming to our vendors, offer your assistance, and take care as you unload their supplies.
Used Curriculum Sales

Used Curriculum Book Sales Volunteers - Supervisor: Greg and Diana Merkel

Please Note:  full-day volunteers needed

Volunteers will be doing a variety of jobs which may include:

  • Scanning books into the computer
  • Totaling the bill in preparation for cashier
  • Sorting books to grade and subject
  • Moving books from check-in to the sales floor
  • Re-organizing displays as necessary
  • Gathering seller books from displays
  • Sorting books for pick-up
Vendor Booth Attendant

Vendor Booth - Supervisor: Jill Panyard

  • Report to Volunteer Booth 5 minutes before scheduled session, pick up volunteer ribbon, and check off name to verify coverage.
  • Report in at the Vendor Booth and check in with either Assistant Convention Coordinator or current vendor volunteer to obtain pertinent information regarding the time slot being covered.
  • Read through Hot Sheet (a quick overview of vendors and their potential needs).
  • Answer questions for vendors. Familiarize yourself with the convention program and orient yourself to the building and its maps. You will be asked directions multiple times during your shift. 
  • Pass out packets if requested by Assistant Convention Coordinator (if asked to do this, you will receive instructions).
  • Direct incoming vendors to their booth number(s), General Exposition Services and Vendor Lounge.
Vendor Check-in Kiosk

Vendor Check-in Kiosk - Supervisor: Jill Panyard
Report to Volunteer Booth to sign-in and pick up volunteer ribbon. Duties include:

  • Check-in vendors that enter the convention through the dock/garage doors (back of the vendor hall). 
  • Provide them with their booth number(s). 
  • Direct them to check in at the Vendor Booth (right outside the vendor hall in the Freedom Hall Pre-function area) as soon as possible.

What Volunteer can expect: To be at job 15 minutes before hand to receive any instructions from the previous volunteer. This job takes place in Freedom Hall (the vendor hall area of the convention center). There will be a special table marked "Vendor Check-In". This job will require sitting and standing. This job will require an outgoing individual who is able to maintain a pleasant demeanor even under pressure.

Volunteer Booth Attendant

Volunteer Booth - Supervisor: Darra McDowell

  • Review contents of map online or in CHAP Convention brochure.
  • Verify volunteer assignments, explain them if necessary, and give directions to the rooms.
  • Maintain master lists of Volunteer assignments. (Volunteers will report to the volunteer table 12 minutes before their assignment and mark off their name on the enlarged sheets with a highlighter marker.)
  • Let Supervisor know if someone does not show up for their job so a floater can be assigned.
  • Distribute and collect CHAP volunteer ribbons, which will be given to each volunteer as they come to serve. (They should be instructed to return the ribbon upon the completion of their assignment. If they are Host/Hostesses covering multiple talks in the same room, they do not need to report between talks, but should mark their name off for their complete time slot before starting.)
  • Provide each Host/Hostess with a clipboard containing all they need for the sessions they are assigned to cover. (Include time cards)
  • Make sure there are new evaluation forms for the next speaker session on the clip boards.
  • Keep all completed evaluations to turn over to the CHAP Board at the end of the convention.

What Volunteer can expect:

  • To be trained upon arrival, either by Supervisor or by volunteer you are replacing.
  • To answer lots of similar questions throughout day (ex; restrooms, directions, what time it is, when sessions start, hours of convention, and more)

What kind of activity does this job require? Standing & Sitting (with spurts of up and down action to answer people's questions). Needs to be an outgoing individual, willing to answer questions or direct questions to Supervisor, and always have a ready smile.

Walk-in Registration Assistant

Registration Kiosk Computer Assistant - Supervisor: Ron Barrick
Shifts begin one half hour earlier than other shifts and overlap for training.
Your job may include:

  • Give directions for pre-registered and walk-in attendees.
  • Direct walk-ins to the computer bank for on-line registration.
  • Must be competent using computer and Internet browser
  • Typing skills for data entry required
  • Oversee and assist attendees entering online registration
  • Re-set computers for next attendee
  • Direct attendees to the resource bags for schedule and layout information
  • Distribute wristbands and remind people to keep them for both days